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   'working with schools and communities to develop resilience and mental wellbeing'

Mindful Emotion Coaching is about building emotional resilience by talking about emotions behind behaviours and understanding the neuroscience of brain development and mindful awareness. We provide actionable information about the three types of stress- positive, tolerable and toxic.

This interactive site is a meeting place that provides us all with  powerpoints and materials for cascading  as well as  downloadable resources and opportunities to chat  :

Free e Learning modules for Parents and Professionals

Alpiri Wellness Plan

Our Coaching Wellness Learning Community

FREE e-book: 'A trauma-informed approach to wellness'

UK research into ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences)

Powerpoint- Mindful Emotion Coaching and ACEs (MACE)


2018- 19 Evaluation of Mindful Emotion Coaching (and ACE awareness) in Somerset 

Mindful Emotion Coaching .....bringing together current understanding of the neuroscience behind empathy, mindfulness and emotion intelligence with John Gottman's 5 steps of Emotion Coaching - practical ideas for re training our brains and developing our emotion resilience.

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Dr Sarah Temple, Director EHCAP Ltd..

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This site is funded by EHCAP Ltd and is intended for active use by professionals and parents.  Free registration is by invitation or approval. The fee for individuals who are not part of an EHCAP Project is £5 per month or £35 per year. EHCAP Projects

Dan Siegel Flipping Your Lid

Too Much Information

Toxic Stress

Responding to ACEs

Discerning Babies

Just Breathe -kids on anger

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In Groups and Out Groups

The Power of Hope

The Power of Yet


Growing Emotion Coaching

Our Mindful Emotion Coaching resources provide  core learning around early brain development and how we relate with each other ...  Learners and Cascaders are now building on this foundation and adding inspiration from key thinkers such as Carol Dweck (Growth Mindset), Kate Cairns (Five to Thrive)Dr Janet Rose (Emotion Coaching), James Nottingham (The Learning Pit) , Dr Trevor Griffiths Emotional Logic and  Dr Steve Peters (The Chimp Paradox) - developing their own personalised resources. Take a look at the Primary School Presentations to see Annie merging Emotion Coaching with The Learning Pit.

Jack Shonkoff

Brene Brown and Empathy



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Toxic Stress Explained

Jack Shonkoff Center on Child Development

wellbeing- you can use your mind to integrate your brain 51:48


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